I’ll keep on updating this as I find more interesting tricks

So recently I was going through my notes of C programming and for some reason I wanted to see the header file for ctype.h when I discovered this easter egg:

Now many of you might know about this but for me this was completely new !! And it truly amazed me. So here I am, writing a short blog about it.

Though its completely clear.

Fast to lowercase method

To convert an ascii character to lower case we can do bitwise OR with 0x20 (32) which is space charater.

In practical :

 * @author      : HackOlympus (zeus@hackolympus)
 * @file        : tolower
 * @created     : Saturday Oct 16, 2021 20:42:42 IST

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    printf("%c\n",'C' | 0x20) ;
    printf("%c\n",'c' | 0x20) ;
    return 0 ;